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Why homeschool?  Well, there are a lot of different reasons.  Each family has its own set of priorities and perspectives but here are some common reasons why families choose homeschooling.

  • Better education - often families are turned off by the public school system or simply feel there are better options for giving their child a superior education.
  • Individualize curriculum .  Along with the better education comes the ability to individualize curriculum.  Instead of a standardized education a parent can choose subjects that interest the child and curriculum that fits well with the child’s learning styleCathy Duffy’s book gives some great insight into learning styles and curriculum options based on those styles.  Also, children can easily work ahead of grade level (preventing boredom) or slow down until they have mastered the material (increasing confidence).
  • Learn through living and other opportunities –  Instead of being tied up in a classroom all day, homeschoolers learn through exploring the world.  More field trips, hands on learning and real-life experiences offer a whole new perspective on education.  In addition, children can really focus on areas they are interested in allowing them the opportunity to excel at their interests and even get a head start on the career of their choice.  They can become lifelong learners.  Don’t forget the Unexpected perks
  • Religion –  Religious beliefs motivate a lot of homeschool families.  The ability to incorporate spiritual aspects into education and teach true character traits and virtues.
  • Flexibility – Families can do as they please – they can take vacations when it is convenient, they can postpone a lesson simply because the children are having a bad day.  Flexibility applies to what to teach but also when to teach – take off the summer or continue year round to encourage retention.

  • Relationships – Being together all day and all night makes it impossible not to focus on relationships.  Showing the children that you are willing to sacrifice just about everything for them can help nurture strong bonds.  As a homeschooler a parent also has a greater and more direct influence over their child’s selection of peers. 
  • Shelter children – Whether you agree with it or not homeschooling does offer a degree of shelter.  For example, my children attended a very small, charter school that we loved very much.  Imagine our distress when we found out that during recess a second grader was holding meetings for a “sex club”.  Gratefully, my child was not involved but how long until she would have faced it?  In our family WE want to be the ones to teach our children about sex, when we feel it is appropriate and in a manner that is respectful and appropriate.  Not some second grader regurgitate what her sixth grade sister taught her.  This category can also include physical safety – avoiding bullying, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.
  • Political beliefs  -  Avoiding revisionist history – the constant revisions to history teachings in public school or not desiring the government to have such a huge influence over your child’s development

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