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One of my goals as a homeschool parent is to expose my children to the world around them in a way that encourages critical thought and learning, while developing an interest in exploring new and unfamiliar ideas.

For example, on a lazy Saturday morning I spent a couple hours watching some  YouTube clips with my older children on high-altitude flying, space jumping, military aircraft, and a documentary on  battleships in World War 2. Each clip led to a different idea and conversation, and we toured the vast library of information that is the internet in search of interesting ideas.

While YouTube clips are great, finding them unfortunately involves sifting through questionable content, so I began searching for content that is both appropriate and encourages learning. In my search I came across

The site is operated by two school teachers in Canada, and they work with a  variety of authors who post short news stories about different subjects. What I really like about the site is that each news story is written in age appropriate language for kids and is easy to understand. But, given the focus on learning, at the end of each story is a discussion and writing prompt, a reading prompt, and a short lesson on grammar using the content in the story.

For example,  Scientists Discovers Corn Plants Make A Noise is an interesting science article.  It teaches about a scientist who sought to find out if plants are affected by noise.  In the search, Dr. Monica Gagliano found that the roots of corn seedlings make clicking sounds!  Neat article followed by a writing/discussion prompt, a reading prompt with three different levels of readers and a grammar prompt discussing adjectives.  What a quick and convenient way to teach current events and couple it with Language Arts with little or no preparation.

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  1. Libby's Library

    I have found so many great tutorials on YouTube…I’ll be sure to share your post, with one of my daughters who is homeschooling.
    Love your site, and learn so much here!

    • Mindy

      Great to hear!! Thanks so much for reading! YouTube is such a great resource. My only hang up is I easily get distracted. Or I go on the computer to do something end up checking my email and next thing I know I am on facebook or pinterest and have no idea what I went to the computer for. lol

  2. Gina Glenn

    I love using YouTube with my son for history projects. I’ve found that you can create your own Youtube channel and load those videos there which may help with content. Thanks for the website for teaching children the news, too!

    • Mindy

      That is awesome. If you create your own channel does it still have all the suggested videos on the side? That is my worry that they will end up clicking on something inappropriate. Thanks for sharing

  3. Malea

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing. We’ve found a lot of great stuff on YouTube, but yeah, sometimes what you find isn’t what you were looking for. :/

    My son is 13, and very interested in world events especially surrounding Afghanistan so we purposely sought out some alternative news resources to get different points of view. One of our favorites is Not always great for younger kids, but definitely interesting and a more wordly view of many social and political topics.

  4. Loreina

    Sounds like a great site! As an online student, I had to learn how to determine if information was credible. That was mostly written information, and I never really considered the validity of videos posted. Makes sense to me to have a credible site for kids to check out! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Tawnee

    Thanks for the website. Going to check that out for sure. We are fortunate to have a Discovery Streaming subscription so we do that with their videos etc but it never hurts to have another source. Thanks for sharing. Looks great!



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