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I love researching fun facts for the CLIPs.  I always find such neat little facts that I never knew.  My husband is like a game of Trivial Pursuit – he knows facts about everything under the stars.  So it is fun to try and find things that he may not know yet.  For example, I knew that President’s Day is to honor Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, but I did not know that the official holiday was originally Washington’s Birthday until Congress changed it in 1960.


President’s Day is a patriotic holiday which opens up the possibilities for ideas to celebrate.

We began our party with recreating our own little White House:

I found this idea on Pinterest but could not duplicate it exactly because I am too cheap to buy craft sticks when I have a box of 1,000 popsicle sticks.  So I had to create my own plan.  It was a bit frustrating so I decided to just let the kids make their own plan.

Each White House was different but it was great to see their own personalities reflected.  For example, my oldest tried to do it just like the example, my second child drew flowers in front and one child just gave up on it.

Next, we had the children fill out a paper that said “If I were President…”  

We got some pretty funny comments – like “I would have a cool hair cut” or “If you don’t play the Wii for an hour a day you will be arrested.”  We got some pretty neat comments too like “I would seek for world peace” and “I would help the country get out of debt”.

Then we used this image to turn their ideas into a top hat and Abraham Lincoln – they turned out pretty cute!

The last paper craft we did was to make George Washington’s ax:

We could not do an activity for Lincoln but not one for Washington!  Apparently, I did not even take any pictures of it as the kids just sort of rushed through it to get to the food!  (My apologies.)

For snack, we made Lincoln’s top hats:

These were adorable and delicious.  We let the kids make their own which I think just adds to the fun!

President’s Day CLIP

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