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As I search for holidays to celebrate with my children, sometimes I have a difficult time deciding which holiday to celebrate each week.  Often I choose the major holidays like Thanksgiving because it seems crazy not to take advantage of all the amazing resources out there.  But then, there are holidays which may not be talked about, but should be.  This is why I chose Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.  Since it is a day of remembrance and not a “happy” event, there is not as many resources for a holiday celebration.  But children need to learn the important, somber events as well.

In the CLIP, I focused on resources about Pearl Harbor, but you could also study airplanes (check out May 22nd holiday links), navy ships, Hawaii, or more.   There are some great coloring pages you can use or check to see if there is a Navy Ship tour near you.

Our family will focus on the amazing sacrifice that our soldiers made then and continue to make today, so that we can live our lives with a sense of security.  My heart is deeply touched that people willingly sign up to defend our country knowing the possibilities and the sacrifices that are and may be required.

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day CLIP

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  1. Tawnee

    Great Clips. Looking forward to using some. I didn’t have anything on the agenda for next Friday. That’s awesome. I wanted to do something but didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Motherhood on the Rocks

    We went to the memorial when we were in Hawaii. It’s so sad and humbling. Huge sunken ships and submarines still visible in the shallow water. So devastating. But they fought valiantly. I’m glad to see you honor them.


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