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Are your little ones excited about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’s new DVD?  Help them wait with their FREE printables!

Helpful Homeschooling:

While watching this DVD I found that it would be helpful in homeschooling studies about stopping and going with red and green signals, weather studies regarding wind, and agriculture/farming studies with little ones. (Although, they may wonder why there is an elephant on their farm…. my kids found this very silly.)

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8 Responses to “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey & Donald Have a Farm Worksheets”

  1. Holli Sturgill

    My son LOVES Mickey!!! If it weren’t for On Demand we might go crazy with “I want Mickey!!!” :D

  2. Robin O

    Visit Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Junior and tell me what your little one likes best about their site:
    The music, the games (Donald’s Froggy Quest), and the coloring pdfs!


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