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My family has been blessed to receive the MathTacular!  The Complete Package, for review.  Because there is so much to offer, I will be completing my review in sections in an effort to provide our readers with an inside view of everything they have to offer.  For Part 1, I will be reviewing the Math Educational Kit with DVD.  This kit is designed for children up to age 7 or second grade…

MathTacular! Manipulatives KitMathTacular! DVDs

The first day of receiving our kit was like a birthday party for us.  Everyone gathered around to see everything we received, everyone wanted to play with it, and only the “recipient” was allowed – that’s me.  I felt like a child.  The box is vibrant and reminds me of the box to a board game.  Makes you very excited to see what is inside!  It states “Educational Kit 350+ piece Set Including DVD Video”… 350+ pieces is a LOT!  I immediately open everything.  Again, I feel like a kid playing with all this stuff.

Inside I found and reorganized a variety of manipulatives.  I had an empty 2.5 Qt. storage bin available so I immediately unwrapped our pattern blocks and put them in the bottom.  I left our color tiles and bear counters in the original zip-top bags, I labeled them, and set them on top (still inside the bin). I did this because I knew my children would want to use these manipulatives for more than just their schoolwork and I wanted them to be easily accessible.

Next I sorted through the remaining manipulatives, removed any unnecessary (or original) packaging and kept the zip-top bags.  I went ahead and put the rubber bands on the geoboard. I made sure the multifix cubes and plastic units, rods, and squares were in their own bags.  I have a miscellaneous bag for the popsicle sticks, bean counters, dice, red and white counter, and sidewalk chalk.  I leave the additional manipulatives, such as the clock, ruler, number flash cards, geoboard, and numbers chart placed in the bottom of our box when not in use.

The MathTacular Math Manipulative Guide is also included with this kit!  This small book is a wonderful resource for what to do with your manipulatives outside of the uses shown within the DVD. Its purpose is to inspire you to move past their recommendations and use your manipulatives for so much more!  I must say, when reading this book, it does give me an idea or two on how to make this even better!  My children have already begun using their pattern blocks and color tiles as building blocks to create towers, buildings and bridges for the counter bears.  I took this activity one step further and gave them each the same amount of tiles, shapes, and bears to use – try it and watch the different ways each child use them.

The next morning my children awoke to a “preview” of all this DVD has to offer.  It was the weekend, not a school day, so we were able to take our time and be “fun” about it with our children.  The oldest two and our youngest stuck around for about a half-hour to watch.   Our youngest daughter however, watched over an hour before she asked if I could “pause it” while she played with the other kids outside. I thought this was wonderful as she is in the age/grade range recommended for this kit.

After our preview session, I decided to view the DVD on my computer as our DVD player’s remote has managed to disappear.   By doing so, I was able to select the subject and lesson I wanted to view instead of the entire two and a half hour movie.  This is a remarkable resource for combining the DVD with specific lessons.  For instance, if you are working on time, calendaring, schedules, or the days of the week… you can select the practical math section of the DVD, and choose the appropriate lesson.


A PDF file can be found on the Unbelievable Understandable Math DVD that includes are variety of printables to be used in conjunction with your kit. This includes:  color name cards, days of the week & weather cards, geometry concentration, money value flashcards, months of the year, number name flashcards, shape name cards, shape pages, and time dominoes.

I recommend you print and laminate all of the printables included with this DVD upon receipt of your kit. Afterwards you can place them in individual envelopes for immediate use at the time your child has reached the appropriate level.

Flowers for MommyColor Tiles & ShapesPinwheel

What I like the most about this kit is that unless it is included, they use items commonly found around the average family’s home to explain math principles.  This allows children, especially young children, to associate math with their everyday life. They used socks, toys, blocks, food, rulers, playing cards, telephone, books, storage bins, sock monkey, balls, beach balls, clothes, dominoes, and even cars in a parking lot as examples.

Use this kit alone or in conjunction with your other curriculum.  Either way, you and your child(ren) will be pleased with the results!

Don’t forget, this is Part 1 of my review of MathTacular! The Complete Package.

If you are interested in these products, please read Part 2!

*Disclaimer: I was given one MathTacular! The Complete Package for the purpose of facilitating an honest review. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions expressed herein are unbiased and not influenced by the developing company in any way.*

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