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Congratulations to Hannah Blevins for being DenSchool’s Homeschooler of the Month!  This is one active and amazing kid…

When I see her around town I always ask what she is up to, because you just never know!  Be it she is representing her county as their “Little Miss” beauty pageant winner, participating in a surf competition, playing with the youth orchestra, or creating at her favorite art galley -she is a great  example of how active homeschoolers can be!

Homeschooler of the Month

Homeschooler of the Month Interview

I understand that you have attended school both outside and inside the home, which do you prefer and why?

I prefer schooling at home because it allows us the freedom to study what we want, travel, and work around the waves!

Where is your favorite place to do your homeschooling?

The kitchen table.

What is your favorite subject?

Science, because I love learning how things work.

Is surfing a subject? If yes, why should someone consider surfing a subject?

Yes it can be a subject, you can learn all about oceanography and atmospheric conditions.

Do you use a favorite curriculum?

No, we use a variety of things like Alpha Omega, Modern Curriculum Press, etc. We are an eclectic style. I do love to do lapbooks!

Field trips… what was your favorite trip?

The Marine Science Center, Ponce Inlet, Florida

I understand that surfing has been your passion for some time, but what else do you enjoy?

I love art! I have attended the Hollingsworth Gallery for a few years, it allows my creative side to come out!

If you could tell homeschooled kids one thing, it would be?

Find what excites you and study it; and get involved in sports, music, or community.

March Homeschooler of the Month

You have been doing fantastically in your surfing career; do you think that would be possible if you weren’t homeschooled?

I think I would still do well but would not have the time to put into practice as much, and would not have the flexability to travel.

Do you want to tell us about your sponsors?

Sure, my first was a local company called Barrellicious. Then I was picked up by an all-girl board company out of Callifornia called Chick Sticks. Next came Cobian sandals and Squirtini bikini – they are actually naming a bikini after me!

My surf shop I ride for is Aqua East out of Jacksonville and St Augustine, Florida.

Stop by Hannah’s Facebook Fan Page to learn more about March’s Homeschooler of the Month!

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10 Responses to “March Homeschooler of the Month”

  1. Ronni Keller

    She sounds like such an awesome kid!! And look her at ride that board! Smart, athletic and super cute! A triple threat right there! You go girl!!! :)

  2. OurFamilyWorld

    She’s so well-spoken, and such a cool kid! I also agree with finding something that you love. I think it makes it so much easier to learn that way.

  3. Amber Edwards

    Wow, she makes homeschooling sound so exciting. I love the freedom it gives in curriculum and scheduling. I also love that she can use the things she really enjoys in her schooling.

  4. Rita O'Neal

    That is awesome! That girl is just too busy to have to attend school. I have always been fascinated with surfing – not sure I could ever get the courage to do it but it’s nice to think about. I love to see kids who are active in the community.

  5. Danielle

    My kids are coming upon school-age soon and I will need to make the decision of whether to homeschool or put them in private school. Love hearing the perspective from the child!



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