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When I started contemplating homeschooling many years ago, I asked a fellow church member and seasoned homeschooler how she homeschools. She told me about a variety of Christian curriculums, recommended seminars, clubs, and gatherings… then she said her children’s favorite studies have come from 4-H!

I don’t know about you, but when I think of 4-H, I don’t think of homeschooling.  I think of blue ribbons at the county fair, Wrangler Jeans, and a great pair of boots…. However, this wasn’t what she was referring to. She was referring to, not only joining a 4-H club, but also utilizing 4-H curriculum in her children’s studies.

After further discussions and research, I discovered the following:

They offer so much more than just how to raise farm animals and grow plants!  Yes, it is true!  Did you know that they offer curriculum in Robotics, aerospace, digital photography, computers, electronics, small engines, cats, dogs, butterflies, Entomology, cultural arts, theater, environment, forestry, wind energy, financial, health, and so much MORE

The best part is, they offer this curriculum at an extremely affordable price…. Example:  All four (4) computer curriculum books are only $15.40 for the set!  That $16 is enough material to keep your child going for over a year! (Note: this depends on how quickly you move through it and how much you do outside of the book.)

What I do:

We have an entire shelf of 4-H Curriculum Sets that my children are able to choose from.  Each child has a set they are working on. Before they begin….

  • I go through and try to find additional resources to use along with each section by checking our library’s online card catalog and looking within our personal library.
  • I research and plan web field trips.  Sometimes they are utilizing the sites suggested in the back of the book, and often they are from an online search engine.
  • Keep my eyes and ears open for homeschooling, community, and library programs relating to their subject.  It is amazing how many programs are available when you are looking for them!

Why and ways to join:

Scholarship opportunities!  Yes, they offer scholarships and you don’t have to belong to a “club” in order to become eligible for consideration.  Joining as an independent member will allow you the same opportunities and can cost you as little as a dollar ($1) per child! ; or

Joining a “club” is a great way for your children to interact with children who share the same interests.  However, you must remember that each club is different, will meet on different schedules, and have their own membership dues to pay for supplies.  If you have more than one-two children involved in more than one group, you could be facing quite a juggling act.  This is why my children are independent members instead.

Why I love it:

It is affordable learning for any budget.  We began using 4-H curriculum during our first year of homeschooling because of its affordability.  As I was when I began, I am still determined to not spend a fortune on curriculum… 4-H is one way I can do that!

Search online to find your local or state office here.

Comment Prompt: Do you 4-H? How? Why?

No Disclaimer Needed!  This article is not sponsored. I was not provided anything from 4-H or its affiliates in return for this post.

4 Responses to “Frugal Curriculum Choices Using 4-H”

  1. Jenny

    Cleaver idea. It occurred to me that Boy Scouts’ Merit Badge books could also be used for unit studies on a variety of subjects.

  2. Joan (Our School at Home)

    We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 4-H, and it makes up a lot of our “curriculum” as well. Our daughter is 12 and in her third year of our local Wildlife Watchers club. We have many homeschoolers in the group and I think everyone puts 4-H to work doing double duty! (So much better, by the way, than when my daughter was trying to juggle 4-H projects AND public school; she’d have had to quit, instead of becoming an officer for the last 2 years!)



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