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Social Studies: Thanksgiving Activities
Scholastic offers an interactive video tour of the Mayflower’s journey from Great Britain to Plimoth. Children can take a tour of the Mayflower, see comparisons of daily the daily lives of the pilgrims and the Wampanoag families. There is a “Thanksgiving Feast” slideshow that takes kids through the preparations and activities held on that first Thanksgiving Day. As a bonus, Scholastic also provides K-12 Thanksgiving Day lesson plans.
How Much Do You Know About Thanksgiving? Test your knowledge. Take this quiz.
Language Arts: Thanksgiving Activities
  • For pre-readers, use this T is for Turkey unit study.
  • Help your child make a Native American “leather” story.
  • Have your student write a Cinquain poem about Thanksgiving.
  • Print and read the Thankful Book and complete the associated activities
  • Have your child study these American colony vocabulary words and then take this quiz.
  • Research how to say thank you in different languages and make a collage with the words.
  • Have your child create an acrostic poem using the word colony (or turkey or thanksgiving or…).
  • Read books and stories about Thanksgiving, and have your children write a book report or an essay on what they learned.
  • Review similes and metaphors with your children. As a family, have all of your children draw and cut out their favorite fruit or vegetable using construction paper. Each child should write a simile or metaphor using their chosen fruit or vegetable. Then make a paper cornucopia to contain all of the fruits and vegetables.
Starfall’s Silly Turkey Activity
Funny Thanksgiving Fill-In (Parts of Speech)

Math: Thanksgiving Activities


Thanksgiving at DenSchool

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