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April is such a great time of year to learn about weather, seasons, and the Earth – no wonder Earth Day is in April!  It is a great time to study this awesome planet, along with the critters and plants that grow on it, or choose to discuss recycling and the responsibility we have to Earth.

Enjoy this Earth Day Take Home Kit from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  It has a lot of activities, coloring pages and more.

Since Earth Day is to draw awareness to the Earth and our role – at least one project should focus on an Earth Day Pledge.  An Earth Day Pledge is something that you promise to do.  Here is an adorable Give a Hoot…Don’t Pollute Owl with Earth Day Pledge.

Earth Day

We also made paper Earth people and yummy Truffula Trees based on the Lorax.

Both of these activities were quick and easy and a great tool for teaching about Earth Day. The kids went crazy with the play-doh from our other project and even made other Earth Day characters like Super Earth.

Crafts for Earth Day

The play-doh Earth project was hands-down the coolest part!  All you need is play-doh!  Inexpensive, educational, and awesome!!

Earth Made Out of Play-Doh

I hope you enjoy this Earth Day CLIP (Creative Learning in a Pinch) to help you prepare fun and educational activities for Earth Day. This download also includes ten different Bingo boards to add to your holiday fun!

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  1. kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing

    I’ve missed you so I’m checking in :) I love love your earth day play-dough project! We will have to totally do that one tomorrow in celebration of earth day. If I blog about it I’ll be sure to link to you!


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