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Commonly confused with Mexico’s Independence Day, which is September 16th, Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexico’s surprising victory over France during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867).

Cinco de Mayo is a wonderful excuse to study Mexico and join Mexican-Americans around the country in celebrating Mexican culture and history. Check out SchoolTube to see some great videos about Cinco de Mayo and Mexican culture.

We went on YouTube and searched mariachi  to find fun music for the kids to dance to; they had a blast, it was free, and required no preparation!  This idea came as we made our mariachi guitars…

Maraiachi Guitars for Cinco De Mayo

The original mariachi guitars craft calls for foam but we just used construction paper and string.  I cut out most of the items before everyone arrived.  I even used my new silhouette cameo for the triangles!!   Everything else I did by hand.  They turned out really cute!!  We were going to make maracas out of leftover Easter eggs but decided we better not since my husband was on a recorded call for work – could you imagine?

Make your own Mariachi Guitar

We cut out a craft so we could have the treat.  I mean, what is a party without food?

On Pinterest I saw these really cute Easter Egg Rice Krispies with candy inside like a pinata.  This looked like a great idea, much easier than the multi-colored donkey pinata cookies, and it also provided me with a use for the bag of plastic Easter eggs I found the other day in one of the kid rooms.  The first problem – on the site that shows how to make them, they used larger eggs.  Yes, I could have gotten around that but then there was the whole issue of washing and drying plastic eggs.  Maybe it was just because I am pregnant and felt miserable that day, but it just didn’t sound feasible.  So I decided I would see what I could do.  I used little kid bowls and placed Rice Krispie treats in the bottom.  I tried to hollow the inside like a bowl but it just didn’t work out.  Then the Rice Krispies were sticking to my fingers.  In the end, I put some Rice Krispies on wax paper, flattened it, put jelly beans on it, added more Rice Krispies and then rolled it all into a ball using the wax paper.  Not exactly like a pinata since there was not open space inside but the kids thought it was cool to have candy INSIDE the treat! (No, things don’t always turn out like you plan, but that is OKAY!  Truly, it is alright – the kids were happy and that is all that matters!)

So, which activities inspire you?

I hope you enjoy your Cinco de Mayo CLIP (Creative Learning in a Pinch) to help you prepare your celebration!

12 Responses to “Cinco de Mayo ~ May 5th”

  1. Ashley S

    This is great. My kids just asked me what Cinco de Mayo was about, and all I could remember was that it wasn’t the Mexican independence day. Love this!

    • Mindy

      Impressive that you remembered that part. I honestly don’t think I really knew what it was all about until I started doing these activities with my kids.

  2. Ashley S

    What fun ideas!! My son is only 2, and has no idea about the holiday, but he would sure love that guitar :) Passing this onto my friend who homeschools!

  3. Mindy

    It can be lots of fun! In fact, we are going to do some of the other activities next week with our preschool group!!

    • Mindy

      Thanks! I am not really that creative – I am a pinterest addict and a research addict. I love finding fun things!!

    • Mindy

      It would! So funny that I could go through life so long and never have heard of something like this! So many fun things out there waiting to be discovered.Thanks for your comment



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