Mystery of History Volume 1 Review

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Over the years I have been interested in the Mystery of History, a Classical, Chronological, Complete Christian History for All Ages.  I had always heard great things about it, so when the opportunity came to do a review I was very excited! My first impression of the Mystery of History Volume 1  – it’s huge! … Read more »

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

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I don’t know about you but I LOVE holidays!!  In fact, my husband and I have actually searched for crazy holidays like Rubber Eraser Day!  I have even been accused of partying for no reason at all.  Hey, if my kids tackle a goal they have been seeking or my toddler potty trains – I… Read more »

Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air! Kids love Valentine’s Day because it is another excuse to get a bunch of candy. I love Valentine’s Day because people focus on being nice to people. Planning is Key There are so many wonderful crafts, cards, treats and Valentine box ideas on Pinterest. So check out our Valentine’s board… Read more »

New Year’s Day Interview

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I found this great idea of completing a Family Interview Sheet for each family member each year to see how much everyone changes.  Unfortunately the one copy I found is one where you have to sign up for the site.  So I decided I would just make my own – New Year’s Interview 2013.  Besides,… Read more »

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day ~ December 7

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As I search for holidays to celebrate with my children, sometimes I have a difficult time deciding which holiday to celebrate each week.  Often I choose the major holidays like Thanksgiving because it seems crazy not to take advantage of all the amazing resources out there.  But then, there are holidays which may not be… Read more »

Countdown to Christmas ~ Day 25!

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Merry Christmas!!  One thing I absolutely LOVE about Christmas is that so much of my world shuts down and pauses for a day.  Stores are closed, people stay home and spend time with their families!  So make Christmas Day special.  Do something new that you have never done with your children and make it a… Read more »

Countdown to Christmas ~ Days 23 & 24

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Our life has been super crazy this year.  In fact, we have not decorated AT ALL except for the nativities that we made.  At first, I felt bad, but then I realized – we are really trying to focus on activities, and with the nativity, we have the true meaning of Christmas represented. Of course,… Read more »

Christmas Countdown ~ Days 21 & 22

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Well, I had no idea that the Twelve days of Christmas begin ON Christmas and continue until the Epiphany (January 6th). I had commented that we were doing the Twelve days of Christmas starting on the 14th and a friend informed me otherwise.  How could I have gone so long in life without knowing that?… Read more »

Countdown to Christmas ~ Days 19 & 20

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This month is flying!!  Have you had the chance to step back from the hustle and bustle and make lasting memories?  I hope so.  Do your children remember the gifts they received last Christmas?  Most of mine do not, but they DO remember what we DID and what they GAVE. Days 1 – 20 Days… Read more »

Countdown to Christmas ~ Days 17 & 18

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Wow – over half of the way done with the Countdown to Christmas!  Time is going crazy fast. As usual, there are a lot of ideas to choose from.  If you do not like something I have listed, be sure to check out Pinterest or do a internet search for the topic you desire. No… Read more »