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I had the pleasure of receiving for review a high school government course entitled A Noble Experiment: The History and Nature of the American Government. The book is authored by Tim Spickler, M. Ed., and is published by Zeezok Publishing. My son is a 13 year old 8th grader and I wasn’t entirely sure if he was fully ready for this program, but because it is a student-led DVD I was interested to try it and see how it went.

I must say, I am very impressed! This curriculum is unapologetically Christian, which I appreciate. My son has loved it and asks to do it. It is set up to watch the DVD only three days a week, with some seat work, and then also enough homework  to complete between video sessions. My son kept up with every bit of it, all by himself.

In fact, it motivated him enough that he started with his Bible studies, immediately followed with this course, and continued working on school work independently until I stopped him for work together. That may seem an obvious thing to some of you, but on top of our being pretty relaxed in our homeschooling style, my son deals with high functioning autism and doesn’t do much of anything for long periods of time and without direction and intervention from Mom.

The set came with a Student Activity Book (a workbook), a large case of the DVD lessons themselves, and a regular sized case with a CD-ROM of the Teacher Resources on it included in the media set.

The teacher CD-R was easy to navigate, and I had let my son do the first eight weeks of work without much checking up on him. I was easily able to determine if he had learned the materials and was “getting it”, or if he just filled things in to get by or because he wasn’t understanding. He did very well on just about all of it!

The student book contains everything the student needs, including daily seat work (not a terribly lot, on purpose because it’s designed to go with the video), homework (sometimes more intensive but doable independently), quizzes, and even source documents. That’s another thing that I was super impressed concerning this curriculum; it’s not text-booky, but instead uses primary source documents to back up and expound everything that is taught.

The only real drawback I can see is that the guy on the DVD is kind of boring. He has some very scripted vocal animation, and some obviously choreographed arm and head movements interspersed here and there. He often sounds as if he is reading a textbook, or more likely a prepared script of some sort. He is not interesting in any form or fashion. The information, however, is very interesting, and I love how he takes it all and points my student toward God and towards Biblical standards. We are conservative and very careful with what we allow, even in the way of curricula which claim to be Biblical, and I can and will personally recommend this government course from Zeezok.

I’m going to be watching this publisher and author more closely for sure! You can find Zeezok on Facebook and keep up with them on their blog.

*Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary A Noble Experiment: The History and Nature of the American Government COMBO SET for the purpose of facilitating my review. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions expressed herein are unbiased and not influenced by the developing company or its affiliates in any way.

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  1. Emily Lepich

    They have some great stuff. It amazing that it has been 387 years since the first thanksgiving. I feel like would learn a lot

  2. Anita

    “It is better to build children than to repair men.”

    I’ve never been to this site before and always appreciate learning about where to find new resources.

  3. suzanne

    Wow! never heard of this company and so glad to come across it! Would love several items, especially the Kit Kittredge movie about the Great Depression! Thanks for posting a link to the site!

  4. Lisa

    This looks like a great curriculum! My daughter has Aspergers so is very visual and we use a lot of videos in her education as she seems to retain better that way than from a traditional textbook. I’ve never heard of this curriculum before, but looks like it would be right up her alley!



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